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  • Why is self-promotion so important? (Annalee, Penelope)
    • If you don't pitch yourself and your prooduct, no one else will.
    • Promotion is at least half your job.


  • How do you answer the question "So what do you do?"
    • Perfect your elevator pitch. (Molly)
    • It's not about you; it's about what you can do for the client. (Gina)


  • Marketing without marketing? (Matt)
    • work that doesn't have the explicit goal of promoting yourself, but does as a side effect. (ie, contribute to open source projects; publish work under a CC or GPL license; freely share information on your weblog; volunteer your skills for a good cause/barter work and ask for attribution; positively contribute to an online community - like Metafilter, Flickr, a mailing list, LH; speak at events like SXSW)


  • How do you get the word out/build your platform? (Annalee)
    • Blogging as establishing expertise (Matt, Penelope)


  • Creating demand: Can playing hard to get professionally pay off? (Penelope, Molly)



  • When you're a one-person shop, what's better: create a company with a different name or market yourself as an individual?


  • Personal weblogs that get personal - will they scare off or attract potential clients?
    • pre-fire yourself/filter out clients that can't handle it
    • Personal vs professional (Gina)


  • How do you make yourself memorable? (Molly)



  • How much time do you spend on marketing your work versus DOING it?
    • One thing a day

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