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Hi, I'm Molly. I write about style as Molly Bloom and about my life as Molly Golightly. I've been a freelancer in the geek community off and on for 10 years, doing writing, editing and publicity work. One of my favorite parts of PR is helping clients finesse their personal presentation -- from how to introduce themselves and talk about projects to going after speaking engagements and community/industry awards. I am the style columnist for KOIT radio in San Francisco and am currently studying couture pattern-making. I enjoy doing volunteer PR/communications work for things I'm passionate about, including the Burning Man event.  This is my fourth South By Southwest; last year I spoke on a panel called How To Roll Your Own Conference, about my experience as an organizer of the Webzine conference series (founded 1998).



I think one of the most important things you can do to market yourself is to have a clear understanding of yourself and to define yourself positively, drawing attention to what you do instead of what you don't do.

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